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Celebrating 40 Years of International Basketball and Friendship!

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Our 2018 New England Colonials Rovers in the Netherlands

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Our 2018 New England Colonials Ambassadors in Luxembourg


The New England Colonials International Basketball Club is a non-profit program that has as its central purpose the encouragement and support of international friendship between New England student athletes and their peers from other nations.

While basketball serves as a focal point and a catalyst for our programs and tours, we also endeavor to involve all participants in activities that promote understanding and appreciation for other societies and cultures. New England students selected to take part in Colonials' programs and tours must demonstrate a high level of commitment to school, community, and our program's mission and goals.

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Our 2018 Colonials Ambassadors at the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg.

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Our 2018 New England Colonials' Ambassadors team celebrated our programs' 39th anniversary year with a terrific tour of Luxembourg and Germany that included games and homestays in Luxembourg City, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Langen. It was a spectacular trip with wonderful hospitality and great basketball at each stop on the tour. At the same time in April, our younger Rovers team was enjoying great hospitality and basketball on their ten-day tour of the Netherlands.

In June, our 2018 International Colonials began arriving in Boston - this unique team consisted of eleven players from eleven countries. Our new country in 2018 was Armenia. Our 2018 International Colonials enjoyed great basketball and hospitality on their three-week New England tour.

To learn about our 2019 New England Colonials teams and tours, please visit the Our Tours and International Colonials sections of our website.

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Our 2017 Colonials Rovers on the Irish Sea


Basketball - born in the USA in 1891 - is now truly an international game, played in nearly 190 countries worldwide. The New England Colonials International Basketball Club is proud to have introduced hundreds of New England student athletes to the excitement of international competition and world travel. Additionally, we have welcomed hundreds of guests from overseas to our country for camps, summer hosting, team tours and international festivals.

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Piotr Karpacz '16 of Poland and his camper friend

Colonials' teams do not hold tryouts and are not all-star teams. Applicants should be serious players with a strong desire to improve their game and a real sense of adventure. We rely on the quality of an applicant's references and responses to the application questions. A number of our players are referred by former players and coaches. Players and families are invited to call or meet with us before submitting an application. We will be happy to put applicants in touch with our Colonials' alumni and their families throughout New England.

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Our 2016 International Colonials at the Basketball Hall of Fame

Our fundraising program enables all players to raise the money needed to meet their tour expenses. We urge all interested players to apply. There are several stipends available for individuals with financial need. Introductory team and fundraising planning meetings will be held in the fall. Regular newsletters keep parents and players up to date about all aspects of the tours as our planning progresses through the winter.

Accepted players are expected to maintain a strong standing in the school and in the community. Colonials' teams do not begin practicing until the school basketball seasons for all players have been completed, usually in March. Practices are held on weekends up to the team's departure and are mandatory for all players. We attempt to arrange practices in locations central to the geographic distribution of the team.

Colonials' basketball operations and teams are supervised and coordinated by outstanding volunteer coaches throughout New England The program's travel planning is coordinated by an ITMI certified international tour planner and manager with 35+ years of international travel experience. Overall basketball operations are supervised by Coach Richard Lawless, the programs co-founder and coach at Cohasset High School in Massachusetts.

To learn how you can host an International Colonials player next summer or help arrange a visit for the International Colonials in your community, send us an e-mail at necolonials@aol.com.

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Contact the New England Colonials at:


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