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Our 2018 Colonials Ambassadors at Hamburg Harbor.

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Our 2018 Colonials Ambassadors
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Front (L-R): Paul Mahon, Dominic Johnson-Thomas, Josh Montague, Hayden Roberge, Paul Rudolph

Rear (L-R): Matt Duchaine, Bryan DiPasca, Joe Fontanella, Tony Harris, Jamison Evans

Our 2018 Colonials Rovers
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Front (L-R): JP McGinley, Luke Lentine, Tommy Baker, Jack Rudolph, Brayden Sullivan

Rear (L-R): Coach Mike Fontanella, Kevin Russell, Matt Lazarek, Liam Devlin, Z. Wecklos, Carter Pelzel, Coach Sam Leal

Our 2017 Colonials Rovers
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Front (L-R): Logan Bagshaw, Chris Edgehill, Jack Rudolph, Jordan Hawkins and Jake Nicholson.

Rear (L-R): Andrew Clarke, Matt Duchaine, Bryan DiPasca, Tommy Fontanella, Jonathan James and Coach Sam Leal.

Our 2016 Ambassadors
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Front (L-R): Tim Giovino, Captain; Jordan Bagshaw, Ben Wisniewski, Tobias Ephron, Vaughn Hammond.

Rear (L-R): Coach Sam Leal, Jesse Pinkman, Nathaniel Kingsley, Matt McDevitt, Joe Fontanella, Jason O'Regan.

2015 New England Colonials Ambassadors
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Front (L-R): Ryan McCarthy, Colin Donovan, Tyler Dion, Timmy Prunier, Coach Dennis Dextradeur

Rear (L-R): Noah Miree, Shaun McCarthy, Joe Saba, Marco Gabrielli, Michael Raposa, Austin Boudreau

2014 New England Colonials Ambassadors
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Kneeling: Bryan Kirby

(L-R): Aaron Maday, Jack Madej, Jake Ball, Hunter Russell, Kevin Barrett, Scott Arsenault, Ian Clough, Evan Cudmore, Andreas Kontopodis, Coach Peter Boyle.

2013 New England Colonials Ambassadors
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Front (L-R): Patrick O'Rourke,* Nick Tupanjanin, Griffin Bennett, Collin Bennett, Bobby Spellane

Rear (L-R): Coach Dennis Dextradeur, Drew Vittum, Kevin Barrett, Justin Bowker, Kevin Durkin, Matt Sargent,* Coach Jason Ayer.


2011 Colonials Rovers
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Rear (L-R): Dan Brault, John Zimmerman, Daniel Rafuse, Aaron Todd, Colby Milton, Colin Campbell*, Coach Rick Brault.

Front (L-R):
Philip MacArthur*, Ryan Wine, Ross Meyer, John McCarthy, Nathan Steele.


2010 Colonials Ambassadors
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(L-R): Coach Peter Boyle, Chris O'Keefe, Justin Tienhaara, Brett Sexton, Wil Michalski*, Ben Pierce, Cedrick Kuakumensah*, Kyle Romich, Tommy Heydinger, Christian Horton, Trey Watson, Coach Dennis Dextradeur.


'09 New England Colonials' Ambassadors
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Front Row (L-R): Steven Parr, Alex Breslen, Conor Wynne, Ben Hoban, Brian McCullough, and Brendan O'Connell

Coach Tom Raymen, Ryan Kelley, Mac Stannard, Wil Michalski*, Cedric Kuakumensah*, Drew Sheehan, and Coach Drew Rolfe.


'08 New England Colonials' Ambassadors
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Front Row: Andrew Gosselin, Chris Harris, Sam Leal, Ryan O'Leary, Tomas Murphy

Coach Rob Grasseschi, Jason Gorman, Ryan McGuill, Alex Murphy, Ryan Romich, Cam Willcox, Elias Lubick, Coach Peter Boyle

2008 Colonials Rovers
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Bottom Row(L-R): Christian Horton, Travis Elliott-Knaggs, Kyle Romich

Middle Row (L-R): Evan Sheehan, Ben Pierce, Adam Kaplan, Ryan Youngs

Top Row(L-R): Frank Brogie, Kyle Parker, Justin Tienhaara

'07 New England Colonials' Ambassadors
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Front Row: Patrick McKinney, Andrew Cavanagh, Shaun O'Connor, Michael Silinonte, Matt Jurczyk

Coach Nate Podbelski, Ryan Newell, Chris Foley, Nicco DeMasco, Ryan Romich, Michael DeMasco, Brady Dow, Head Coach Todd Simendinger

'07 Colonials Rovers
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Front: Adam Philpott, Sam Wisell, Sean Koljonen, Davin Freeman, Garrett Reilly
Rear: Coach Daniel Atkinson, Patrick Ackerman, Adam Boyle, Conor Dow, Jon Swanton, Head Coach Peter Boyle.
2007 New England Colonials Spirit
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Front (L-R): Chris Foley, Dan LaRoche, Colby Reese, Chris Harris, Nolan LoRicco
Rear (L-R):  Jon Goldberg, Chris Elliott, Dan Sheehan, Jose Cruz, John Genkos
'06 New England Colonials' Ambassadors
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Front Row: Nick Maglio (with ball), Ryan Boyle

Rear: Coach Dennis Dextradeur, Phil Walker, Chris Eckhardt, Ryan Forde, Dan Sheehan, Anthony Ware, Billy Baron, Dan Atkinson and Eddie Hjerpe
Rovers 2005
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L-R(front): Coach Jason Harrington, Brady Dow, Michael Bottomley, Patrick Dinneen, Shaun O'Connor, and Nick Rizzo.
(Rear) Coach Kevin Ellis, Patrick Ackerman, Cameron Marston, Erik Murphy, Nick Hoffman, Ryan Forde, and Coach Todd Simendinger.
Our New England Colonials Tours

Colonials in Berlin
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Celebrating Four Decades of International Travel and Basketball!

We are very grateful to our Colonials' players, coaches, and families for their outstanding commitment to our program over the past four decades. We're looking forward to resuming our New England Colonials tour in the spring of 2022 and resuming our International Colonials New England Tours in the summer of 2023.

Our very special thanks to all our volunteer and alumni worldwide for their continued support during the pandemic that resulted in suspended and canceled basketball seasons for so many teams. The information that follows is for prospective applicants and their parents.

New England Colonials: Procedures and Policies

The Application Process: Applications are available in late summer of the year prior to a scheduled tour although the tour's final itinerary might not be finalized for several months. After receiving parental permission to apply, players should send an email to necinter@aol.com to request an application and the Tour PowerPoint which will be sent as an email attachment. There is no cost to apply. The decision to select an applicant for a Colonial's tour is made by the head coach for the tour. We will accept ten players for our team. Applicants must be 16 years-old to apply. Please review the Policies and Procedures for Accepted Players below before requesting an application.

Our annual Spring Tour is run during the Massachusetts April public school vacation period. Please note that this week is not used for the April break by all New England public schools. Please check the dates of your school's spring break before applying.

We do not hold tryouts. We will maintain a waiting list of three or four qualified applicants in the event an accepted player drops out.

Please Note: We occasionally run summer tours to basketball camps and tournaments in Europe. These tours will be announced on our website.

Procedures and Policies for Accepted Players and their Families: Once our tour roster is complete at ten players, we will schedule a fall orientation session at a centrally located gym. At this session, we will introduce the players and Colonials' staff, review the tour preliminary itinerary discuss and overseas host clubs.

Cost: The final cost of our Colonials tours conducted between 2013 and 2019, has ranged from $2,100 to $2,500 per player

Fundraising: We offer parents and players two options to pay for their New England Colonials tour.

  1. You may pay in full for the tour any time prior to the Final Payment due date in March. You also may make partial payments at any time up to that date. You may raise money from relatives, friends and local businesses by letter, email or personal visits. Donations by check must be made payable to the player and not to the Colonials. These donations are not tax deductible. Special arrangements can be made for families with financial need. Our generous alumni have made it possible for many players with need to travel with us over our four decades.

  2. You may elect to raise funds through the online fundraising program Razoo. It is safe and easy for donors to use. Funds are automatically transferred to our Colonials bank account. Donations through our online program may be eligible for a tax deduction. We will explain our fundraising program options in greater detail at the tour orientation session.
Tour Deposit: We require a non-refundable tour deposit of $250 which is due one month after the orientation session. The funds raised by the deposits provide us with operating income for the months of planning and preparation over the period prior to the start of the tour. The deposit is not applied to a player's final expenses.

Payments: We do not have the ability to accept credit cards. Payments must be made by personal check, bank check or electronic bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: In the event a parent cancels a tour, written notice will be required. Cancellation fees will be based on the number of days' notice is received prior to the team's departure:

120 of more:       $100.00 fee

70 to 50 Days     50% of full cost

49 to 30 Days     75% of full cost

29 or fewer Days  100% of full cost

Termination of Player: A player who is terminated from the roster for academic, disciplinary or other reasons prior to the departure for the tour shall not be entitled to a refund of any amount paid to the point of his termination. A player terminated for any reason while overseas will be allowed to continue on the tour and will not be required to return home early unless his parents request and arrange for his early return and assume all expenses involved.

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Our sincere thanks to our donors, coaches, and host families for the wonderful support and hospitality they provide to these young players from around the world. And to the host families throughout who so graciously welcomed our Colonials' teams in April 2018. The basketball was intense, and the hospitality was exceptional. We are very grateful to our host clubs in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany for their assistance in making these unforgettable tours possible for our New England Colonials players and coaches.

Our 2018 Colonials Ambassadors in Langen, Germany
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Honors and Recognition
2007 Christensen Award:
Tobbe Lyrstrom of Lund, Sweden

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L-R: Coach Dennis Dextradeur, Daniel Gustafsson, and Tobbe Lyrstom
2007 DiFrancesco Spirit Award:
Daniel Atkinson, '04 Captain, '06 Captain, '07 Coach
2007 Harder Leadership Award:
Daniel Gustafsson '06, '07 Captain

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L-R:  Dan Atkinson, Coach David Harder, Daniel Gustafsson
Cadets 2004
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'04 Colonials' Cadet team at Crystal Palace in London

(L-R): Coach Geoff Zini, Morgan Denehy*, Keith Schneider, Jon Macdonald*, Michael Umberger, Jack Murphy, Marc Jabre, Michael Goodridge (front), Nick Hubbard, Sam Stannard, Coach Kevin Ellis, David Brigandi, Coach Jason Harrington.


Ambassador Team
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'04 Colonials' Ambassador Team in St. Petersburg:

Front (L-R): Kevin Olson, Jackson Ellis, Michael Murphy, Jim Sestito, and Matt Destino.

Rear (L-R): Coach Todd Simendinger, Peter Georgakas, Chris Galbraith, Matt Glass, Sam Davidson, Sean Prentis, and Coach Spencer Staggs.
New England Colonials Photos
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'05 Colonials Rovers at Belfast City Hall
with their St. Malachy's College hosts
and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume (center).

'04 Ambassadors at L'Hermitage Museum, former palace of the Czars, in St. Petersburg.

'04 Colonials' Cadet players with Paul and Sarah Christensen of Gloucester, England and the Gloster Jets basketball club - our very first hosts in 1980.
'07 Colonials Ambassadors
on the Charles Bridge in Prague
Our 2008 Colonials Ambassadors visit the local high school in Rapia, Estonia.
2010 Ambassadors at the Brandenburg Gate

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